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​​Gibson Technology Solutions (a New Jersey Corporation) was founded in 2009 after a group of the top IT professionals recognized the need for innovative computer solutions at competitive rates.  Today, Gibson Technology continues to deliver cost effective IT solutions to organizations seeking quick and easy access to information. Our clients bridge many industries and a myriad of requirements, but they all share a need to increase productivity and save money by leveraging our expertise. Gibson Technology offers a full range of technology consulting services up to and including outsourcing entire IT operations on a contracted basis.

​Gibson Technology Solutions has grown by establishing long-term relationships with its vendors and clients that transcend one-dimensional partner engagements. Gibson Technology Solutions’ clients and outstanding reputation have grown Gibson Technology Solutions to over 15 consultants. These services include project based remediation of services for specific tasks, the addition of supplemental resources for additional support, and full outsourcing of an IT department.



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